Sake To Kamoshi Ryori BY (Sake & fermented food BY) is the Izakaya (Japanese style pub) specialized in Japanese sake.
Treat yourself to varieties of sake from all over Japan specially selected by the sake sommelier.
Sake is the Japanese traditional alcohol made from rice, water and koji culture(rice malt).
Please try it while you are in Japan!
We serve rare premium sake which is not available outside of Japan!

We serve foods mainly made with fermented products.
In Japan, a variety of fermented products are available including Miso and Shoyu (soy sauce)
We serve traditional Japanese fermented foods and meals made with fermented ingredients from all over the world.
Please enjoy our meals together with sake


The restaurant is nonsmoking, please!
In order for our guests to enjoy the aromas and flavours of our meals and sake, we are nonsmoking!
Smoking is prohibited outside while guests are still in the restaurant
We ask for your kind understanding that due to the small size of the space, children are not permitted in the restaurant.

No cover charge or special appetizer
No cover charge or special appetizer .
Bill total is based on orders of foods and drinks (tax not included).
Please stop by for a cup of sake!

Due to limited seating, it is recommended to make a reservation
BY is a small restaurant with 7 counter seats.
It is recommended to make a reservation before your arrival.
Reservation is limited to 4 people due to the small restaurant with only counter seats.

Please check twitter and facebook!
Please check twitter and facebook!
Please check today’s menu for new sake and event information! It’s renew everyday!
Please follow us!

No card payment
Payment is only cash, please.
Price on the menu is excluding tax.
We are looking forward to see you at our restaurant!


open 17:30
close 24:00(LO 23:30)
closed on sunday, monday and Holidays