English Food menu

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Prices do not include tax.

・Pork Stewed in BY’s 50-Year Matured Sauce ¥750 (Small size ¥300)
Pork that has been stewed in the same broth that we have topped up and used for 50 years.




・Japanese Omelet (only offered when the head chef is available) ¥650
Egg seasoned with sugar and salt and then fried. A dish that is often eaten in Japanese households.

・Salted Rice Malt-Pickled Vegetables ¥400
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeasonal vegetables that have been pickled with salted rice malt (a traditional Japanese seasoning made from rice malt, salt and water).





・Iburigakko with Cream Cheese ¥400
Sliced iburigakko (smoked pickled radish) mixed with cream cheese. Has a smoked cheese flavor.

・Salted Rice Malt-Pickled Surume ¥400
No.2_スルメ塩麹漬Surume (dried squid) pickled with salted rice malt.





・Sake Lee-Pickled Broiled Salmon ¥750
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASalmon pickled in sake lee and miso and then broiled.





・Broiled Sake Lee-Pickled Liver ¥600
Chicken liver pickled in sake lee and miso and then broiled.

・Homemade Pickled Plum (single seed) ¥250
A traditional Japanese dish consisting of a plum seed pickled in salt and red perilla.

・Sake Lee-Pickled Cream Cheese ¥600
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACream cheese pickled in sake lee and miso.





・Broiled Kusaya ¥450
Kusaya that has been broiled.

・Iburigakko ¥350
Smoked takuwan (the traditional Japanese pickling of daikon, a Japanese radish).

・Shuto ¥300
Pickled bonito entrails.

・Boiled Rice (boiled pesticide-free freshly-milled Koshihikari rice)
Rice Set (comes with miso soup and pickled vegetables ¥400
Boiled Rice ¥200
Miso Soup ¥200

・Rice Balls
Three bite-sized rice balls ¥500
Yukari (red perilla leaves pickled in plum liquor and then dried)
Meat and miso (pork stewed in miso and sugar)
Okaka (bonito flakes soaked in soy sauce)